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Welcome to Breast Cancer Watch

In recent years, information about breast cancer has been provided to us at an astounding rate and in huge amounts. Fortunately for us women, breast cancer organizations, medical personnel and research groups saw a need for providing basic information about breast cancer to educate us. There is one main reason why: this information can help save your life.

In your path to understanding breast cancer, this website will provide you with the most current and essential information you need about the symptoms of breast cancer; the facts you should detail about breast tumors; the various types of treatment plans utilized; where to start your research about breast cancer; and what numerous breast cancer organizations are doing to help cure the disease.

The reality of breast cancer is it can be almost 100% cured, with a five-year survival rate, if it is caught in its earliest stage. Let’s repeat that a different way: if you find a small breast cancer, it is almost 100% treatable (97% actually) for at least five years – and as a survivor, you will probably go on to lead a normal life. The key is finding the tumors when they are very small.

Please keep that in mind when it’s time to do your next monthly breast exam. During the process, if you feel a little apprehension that you might find something wrong, you are not alone (that is how all us women feel!). Just remember: if you are regular about checking yourself, follow the guidelines about check-ups at your doctor and have mammograms when recommended, chances are any breast tumor you find will be small – and, again, very treatable! Why would anyone put off doing what they should do (even if it is a little scary)?

Armed with the best essential information about breast cancer and where to go for more information about it should safeguard you too!

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