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Breast Cancer Jewelry

Several breast cancer organizations have online gift shops where breast cancer jewelry and other items may be purchased that raise awareness of breast cancer or affirm support of the breast cancer “movement.”

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has several items from which it uses the proceeds toward its many projects. One of the items, the pink bracelet, is often sold out because of the large support base it has found. The pink bracelet, like the pink ribbon, proclaims the wearer’s support for breast cancer awareness and for the fight against breast cancer.

The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation also has a pink bracelet which was started by fans of Melissa Ethridge after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. One manufacturer offers its bracelets for sale and donates part of the proceeds to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Evelyn Lauder’s Breast Cancer Research Foundation has pink ribbons very prominently displayed on Estee Lauder make-up counters.

There are many other types of breast cancer jewelry and other items for sale that can be grouped into this section. One manufacturer of porcelain, Lenox, makes both a bud vase tied with a pink bow and a pin/pendant and sells it through, allowing the proceeds to be used for the nonprofit educational organization. Even Avon Products has started a few breast cancer jewelry items in their online site.

No matter the item, if it relates to the pink bow or to breast cancer, it is a positive affirmation of the goals needed to encourage medical progress toward greater probability of overcoming breast cancer in the near future.

Janet Brown is a medical writer and graduate of Loyola University New Orleans. Her personal experiences with breast cancer have drawn her to her current work developing breast cancer patient education and awareness materials. She currently lives in Georgia.

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