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Awareness Runs

In order to raise awareness of breast cancer and to raise funds to find a cure, organizations find that a breast cancer run is a positive and successful way of accomplishing both goals. The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has sponsored the Komen Race for the Cure for over 20 years. This event involves over 1.5 million participants annually and is held throughout the U.S. and internationally also. The series of races is actually the largest series of 5K runs/walks in the world. With a support network of over 75,000 volunteers and Affiliates in over 100 cities, the Races convey the importance of good breast health, educate about early detection of breast cancer, and use up to 75% of the funds in the local area’s programs for outreach, screening and treatment.

The American Cancer Society sponsors its Relay for Life events in hundreds of communities throughout America. In each event, participants join into teams which then get sponsors for their overnight contest. Even though the Relay is for all types of cancer, it does raise awareness of breast cancer, as many participants are breast cancer survivors themselves. With much positive energy throughout, the goal of the event is to honor those who have already been lost to cancer; support those who are battling it now; and celebrate with the survivors of the disease.

The City of Hope, a comprehensive cancer treatment center designated by the National Cancer Institute, is located close to Los Angeles, California. It sponsors the Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer throughout the U.S. annually as a family-oriented walk or run, including timed 5K and 10K events. Proceeds from the events go toward its research programs, public information and treatment. The Walk for Hope is also supported by many national sponsors.

The Run for the Cure is a breast cancer run sponsored by the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and held throughout Canada. The goal of the Foundation is to support breast cancer education, diagnosis and treatment, and research programs. With over 170,000 Canadian participants, it raised over $19 million in 2004.

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