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Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment

The treatment phase for breast cancer has seen some of the most startling advancements in the course of only a few years’ time. We are so lucky to live where new discoveries can be made and then utilized – for you and your war on these newly found breast cancer cells. Having an idea of what may be involved with your treatment can be a source of strength, so this portion of the website will discuss chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and targeted therapy for breast cancer treatment.

It has been said that a cancerous tumor is a group of cells gone wild with cell division. Because the cells are not normal, they must be stopped from reproducing and interfering with the healthy activities of your body. Chemotherapy affects the ability of these abnormal cells to divide and does its work throughout your entire body. The following section will explain in detail about the many chemotherapy drugs available for breast cancer treatment, as well as the how and why of their use. In many instances, a combination of chemotherapy drugs will be used at the same time. All of this will be determined by your oncologist, after much study of your particular type of breast cancer.


Radiation therapy may also be advised for your breast cancer treatment and can be of two different types: external and internal. For the external type of irradiation, medical professionals use machines that are designed to aim a stream of high-energy particles directly at your cancerous tumor; there are several types of these machines and all are located at treatment centers. Internal radiation therapy uses radioactive implants which are surgically placed close to your tumor site, destroying the cancerous cells. In both external and internal irradiation, the cancer cells are stopped from growing and will die. Normal cells in the body are not affected as much by radiation treatments.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy may soon be the favored type of breast cancer treatment, as it is showing tremendous promise for its success and added safety. These targeted drugs are so-called because their action deals with specific objectives relating to how a cancer cell divides and grows. Several are already approved by the FDA and others are part of clinical trials.

What you understand about breast cancer treatment will make it seem less threatening, so arm yourself with knowledge. This will permit you to muster your inner strength – you have a lot – and walk boldly and courageously toward your goal. You will not be alone, as your physicians and their staff will support you throughout this successful process.

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