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Breast Cancer Websites

There are literally dozens of websites devoted to breast cancer and the fact that information about this disease is available from anywhere there is a computer is happily overwhelming. It was only a few years ago that very little was written and accessible about breast cancer anywhere!

Now women can sit down at a computer and study breast cancer websites with concise information about the disease, and they can do it from home, work or while traveling. It would be impossible to touch this much information so quickly otherwise. Almost all breast cancer websites want to raise the awareness of breast cancer and the need for continued research and trial studies that may influence the eradication of breast cancer.

Breast cancer websites have their own tones, goals and reasons for existence. The majority offer facts about their breast cancer organizations and list valuable educational material also. They show the growing support of funding for their many research projects. Some breast cancer websites offer current medical facts, statistics and answers that women need. Many are from educational or medical facilities or from the U.S. government and provide their information for the good of public health for women. Some even offer tutorials that women can work through and determine what their risk of developing the disease may be.

Other breast cancer websites are devoted to fostering hope and providing ways to cope; some are mostly about prevention of breast cancer. Most of the websites are based in the United States; but many are now international, from Canada, England or Australia. These many websites offer proof of the growing alliance of women throughout the world to raise awareness of breast cancer and to overcome this disease as soon as possible.

American Cancer Society
People Living With Cancer
United States National Library of Medicine
National Breast Cancer Foundation
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
WebMD Health
Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation
National Cancer Institute
Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Y-ME National Breast Cancer Foundation
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Women’s Information Network Against Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer
Cancer News On the Net
Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition
Mothers Supporting Daughters With Breast Cancer
Breast Cancer Online
National Breast Cancer Coalition
Breast Cancer Fund
Breast Cancer Action
Breast Cancer Care
Breast Cancer Campaign
Cancer BACUP
Canadian Breast Cancer Network
Breast Cancer Society of Canada
Breast Cancer Action – Ottawa
Info Breast Cancer
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
National Breast Cancer Centre
National Breast Cancer Foundation
New South Wales Breast Cancer Institute

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